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Capsule Brulafine for weight loss - features and general information

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Brulafine - innovation in the world of Health and beauty in particular in the field of Dietetics. Represents a natural fat burner. It also blocks the storage of new fat cells and reduces appetite. 60 capsules in a package. The composition of natural plant components. A negative effect body, which is why it's not a daily practice. Permission to use, vegans, men and women, 18 years and over.

The vehicle has passed scientific studies and clinical tests have shown side effects, including allergic skin reactions, confirmed, slimming high yield. Also, to date capsule Brulafine no time to be popular among the European population. Consumer Reviews report the specified properties of the fair. Personal susceptibility is reduced between 10 and 20 kg of weight a month. A natural composition. Active ingredients Brulafine:

  • Yesil tea - powerful natural antioxidant, to promote failure, body fat, the blood sugar level reduces, prevents, appetite 3-5 hours.
  • Guarana fruit - displays the body of toxins and excess water increases the metabolism, decreases bad cholesterol, reduces appetite, increases the Vitality
  • Cola nuts - a source of natural energy and relaxant, suppresses appetite, sounds, is the way the business he founded.

Please note, you can buy capsules in Poland Brulafine pharmacies or retail stores can't be. So far the official website - it's still the only option secure shopping capsules.

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Instructions for how to use indications

Excess weight, obesity, genetic predisposition, fullness, slow metabolism - the main list of indications for application Brulafine. Months two capsules every day just to get rid of 10 to 20 kg of weight loss. The increase in obesity three capsules daily dose is given in the severe stage. Getting day depends on the individual and how many you need to get rid of extra pounds.

Weight 5-10 kg - enough to get two capsules for two weeks, 15-20 kg - months. To lose weight more than 20 kg is required to increase the daily dose of three capsules, taking courses - up to three months and more. In this case it is advisable to do a seven-day Dec every four weeks.

Taking capsules only to drink a glass of water. Recommended plenty of fluids between meals.

It is important that you know! Also contraindications: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, anorexia, and other severe diseases, the recovery period of the illness earlier or later in the postoperative period, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Otherwise, accept Brulafine totally in agreement, consult your doctor.