Reviews about Brulafine

  • Magdalena
    Thank you to the manufacturer brulafine to slim the figure. Instructions hosted two capsules a day a month. I am 22 kg lighter! Now, any the folds of stomach fat and arms. Foot steel putty thin and beautiful. A good tool, move!
  • Natalia
    14 kg minus two weeks! It helps to take the capsules. Another 10 kg I want to lose weight. Stick to diet not, I live as always. After the first week intake brulafine the difference was snacking less, I feel much better! Raised or opened wings like the second breath. I even ballet recording)
  • Marek
    His wife was forced to drink these capsules every day. First, I have only ever believed in what he willingly and some pills to lose weight it is possible. The previous figure showed much less surprise but the second week Libra 8 kg!
  • Aleksandra
    Herself and her husband. Both tend to gain weight. Intake brulafine weighed 89 kg, O - 110 kg. two months weight 20 kg. Diet generally stayed the same, just there is a reduction of appetite, at least a little bit, but that was less than. The other day I ordered two more packing, delivery expect! A perfect tool, really helps to lose weight!
  • Michał
    The vehicles and had a lot of pills and syrups I've tried, walked, and even sports and I tried a different diet. Have stayed but not the weight. Dietitian returned. Get doctor's advice brulafine a couple of every day. The first time I was able to reset 10 kg only two weeks. I would recommend, really capsules helps to lose weight.
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